opportunities, visions and possibilities for the new year

The last year has been a poor one financially but good in other ways. We have enjoyed living in the house on Amity Dr. for the last 17 months, the longest we have been in any residents for several years. The Summer was beautiful and we took full advantage of it by buying some small plastic kayaks back in June and managed to get out in them many times over the season. We are heading into the new year a bit thread bare but some opportunities have appeared which give us hope for a better year ahead. I will be turning 65 in a few weeks which will give me some small pension support. I have been offered 45000 sq.ft. of tempered glass, all brand new and from one mistake in one project in Victoria. I have also entered into a public art competition which calls for a teaching component that might be my stepping stone into teaching. The building where I have had my studio for the last four years is due for demolition this Spring so I am actively looking for a new work space. The plan is to retire out of the commission part of my work and spend more time teaching Silastial technologies. So for the moment it looks like moving is again on my horizon for the new year but where is still very much in question.